The ‘Man Rules’

The ‘Man Rules’

This is ‘The MAN RULES’- a sample dialogue exercise from the forthcoming manual for educators & youth workers: ‘MEN AT WORK – A Programme of Support & Challenge for Boys, Young Men and Those Who Work With Them’.

This dialogue exercise is typical of the format of the manual which aims to provide a clear framework for having meaningful, challenging and supportive dialogues on a range of important issues relating to the personal and social development of boys and young men.

The manual comprises 10 Dialogue Themes each starting with a core activity, as set out in the sample here. Each theme is also supported by a number of consolidation activities allowing for wider and deeper conversations to develop between facilitators and their groups.

More to come soon. For information on becoming trained to deliver MEN AT WORK in your setting, please get in touch via the contact page



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