Men at Work C.I.C. has produced 10 CORE Dialogues for Boys and Young Men (and Those Working With Them) a FREE manual for educators, youth workers and other professionals and volunteers working with boys and young men. It is the fruit of 6 years of focused and intentional work with teenage boys and young men in education and other youth settings. Each of the dialogues have been used many times and you are guided, step by step, in facilitating them.

It is a sequential, self-consolidating programme, thematically split, aimed at facilitating constructive and meaningful dialogues around the social messages to which boys and young men are exposed in multiple ways. Its exploration of themes of respect, personhood, safety and empathy, directly engages with the root values of sexism and misogyny and has a relentlessly practical focus on ways in which boys and young men can support both their own healthy development and be a positive and respectful presence in the lives of women and girls.

The #10Dialogues are available FREE to those working with boys and young men – download here.

The follow on materials – ‘MORE Dialogues’ come as part of a training package (in person or online) for those wishing to take efforts to engage boys and young men in these vital ongoing dialogues further and deeper.

Contact if you would like to discuss training for yourself or your colleagues.

Thanks and best wishes

Michael Conroy

Men At Work C.I.C.

“Men At Work’s #10Dialogues programme provides boys and young men with a space where they can exercise their individual agency to reflect, learn and make crucial decisions about what it means to ‘be a man’. All boys and young men deserve to have a choice about the values and beliefs they want to carry with them through life. I am excited for boys and young men who take part in this Men at Work Programme.”

Sarah Wigley, Domestic Abuse Consultant and Trainer

“A timely, engaging and practical toolkit for engaging boys and young men in positive conversations about the world around them. In over 20 years of experience of working with men and their violence, the consistent response I have heard is ‘why haven’t I been encouraged the talk about this before?’. Well here is that opportunity – with a range of accessible materials, training and support to enable boys and young men to engage in this dialogue and to make a positive contribution to those around them.”

– Alan Garner, Facilitator of Perpetrator Intervention Programmes

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