“Few of us have the opportunity to learn about relationships in a structured way, yet we are all learning from a variety of experiences and sources. This Men At Work programme provides boys and young men a space where they can exercise their individual agency to reflect, learn and make crucial decisions about what it means to ‘be a man’. All boys and young men deserve to have a choice about the values and beliefs they want to carry with them through life. I am excited for boys and young men who take part in this Men at Work Programme.”

Sarah Wigley, Domestic Abuse Consultant / Trainer

“You have put important things that need change in an accessible way and one that will likely be accepted. It is really clear and you have targeted the key issues and identified any problems that might arise – such as defensiveness. Well done!”

Gemma Aitchison, Founder – Yes Matters UK

“This is a timely, engaging and practical toolkit for engaging boys and young men in positive conversations about the world around them. In over 20 years of experience of working with men and their violence, the consistent response I have heard is ‘why haven’t I been encouraged the talk about this before?’. Well here is that opportunity – with a range of accessible materials, training and support to enable boys and young men to engage in this dialogue and make a positive contribution to those around them.”

Alan Garner, Facilitator of Perpetrator Intervention Programmes

“This programme gives boys and young men the opportunity and process to look beyond the ever stronger cultural norms around Male behaviour to which they are routinely and consistently bombarded. This means not only the individual can have more informed choices but their relationships and the communities where they live can experience benefits as well. Schools and organisations which make this material accessible will be beacons of hope for a more equal and respectful society.”

Anne Haynes, Author of ‘Becoming Respectful’, Senior Probation Officer and consultant with 30 years‘ experience

“This is an excellent resource that should be rolled out to all schools. Preventive strategies are an important part of safeguarding. We hope that embedding this in schools will lead to a reduction in male violence against women and girls, fewer children getting to the stage where the criminal justice system is required to deal with them and an increase in men and boys feeling able to seek help for mental Heath conditions.”

Safe Schools Alliance

“A truly brilliant resource! Shared it with all our facilitators, thank you for creating it!”

Tammy Banks, Author ‘Transform your Training’ How to Develop & Deliver Training that Changes Lives in the Criminal Justice, Social Care & Charity Sectors.