On Michael Conroy / MAW as a Conference Speaker

National Education Union’s #ChallengingSexismInSchools Conferences

“This was great. The audience were really involved and we had a sense that we were driving the agenda. Insightful perspective on how men view themselves and how men view women.


“Real Strategies for giving boys/men opportunities to talk about why they behave in certain ways and how to challenge these

Powerful talking points around the language we use that promotes disrespect towards women

Tools/resources/ideas to promote discussion amongst boys/men about sexist behaviour.

The importance of fostering an environment where male students feel they don’t have to conform to gender expectations and can challenge sexist ideas, working alongside their peers to promote equality in schools.”

A realisation of just how much pressure young men can feel under to conform to stereotypes.”


Centre for Children & Families, University of Worcester

“Michael spoke to an audience of 200 trainees from within the Centre for Children and Families about  early gender messages and issues around language, as well as telling the audience all about his work with boys & young men. Michael is a very engaging speaker and his keynote speech was fascinating. The students evaluated the session very positively and have used the content of the presentation in their assignments. I would highly recommend Michael as a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker.”


Anti-Bullying Pro’s

Michael’s session was incredibly insightful, with close links to our goals and mission to create a generation of empowered young people.  He really opened our eyes to a topic which we are living and experiencing first hand every day with the young people we facilitate. I would highly recommend anyone taking this session as it has inspired and sparked many  important  conversations for us as a team. Thanks for helping us understand the ’man-box’!”