On the #10Dialogues Training:

“I think that was probably the best training I’ve ever been to. Michael has made me go back and think about situations I’ve dealt with over the years and maybe how I’ll approach things differently next time.” – Head of Year 10

“Michael is my go-to person for supporting young men. He gives our young men time and space to think really deeply about what influences them, the role of the peer group and their own mental health in a supportive but also gently challenging environment. Michael’s workshops have transformed relationships within friendship groups but also my ability to work and relate to them as a female teacher, as many of the professionals doing this work are.” – Head of PSE

“Thanks again for a fantastic training session. I found it engaging, practical and concrete. I now feel confident enough to run the sessions on the ten dialogues with a group of boys and to share what I have learnt. The #10dialogues resource is super-clear and extremely useful.” V.A. Head of Year 10

“I was pleased to see how we could couch it in a positive approach for the students (& parents) to enable the boys to be reflective individuals & empower them to question social/cultural “norms” for themselves as they develop. I feel much more confident afterwards in considering how to adapt for (our school). Plenty of practical advice provided to support delivery – thank you!” J.S. Head of Year 9

“Extremely relevant (to) supporting and educating boys in their development to well-rounded adults who know how to treat others. The relaxed nature of the delivery was much appreciated.  The course helped me to think of improved methods to build up to a difficult topic or a specific issue. I like the way the training asks so many questions of the pupils and for them to arrive at their own conclusions.  This works very well when working with those who may be defensive or who have already made judgements or have certain stereotypical views. The #10Dialogues resource is an ideal reference point to return to.” A.M. Head of  Year 11

More feedback on training by Michael Conroy
  • A wonderful course led by an inspiring and knowledgeable man.
  • Brilliant course presentation by an engaging and friendly presenter. Great delivery of strategies and resources to help us help others. Thank you.
  • Fabulous training with an enthusiastic and empathetic instructor. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to attend. Going into the course I was scared of my own mental health and how I would cope learning about the feelings and symptoms in young children. I was happy with how Michael approached each subject and he was caring toward how I was feeling.
  • Lots of discussion points which were useful! Suicide training extremely important. Covered many mental health issues.
  • Really engaging course which opened my eyes to a new world of mental health for me.
  • The course was extremely useful and dealt well with the complexities of youth mental health. The instructor, the takeaway materials and the presentation was excellent. Many thanks 🙂
  • This was a brilliant course which I will recommend to everyone. I thought it would be quite a depressing two days but in fact I left feeling uplifted. Thank you for delivering such an informative, inspiring and thought-provoking course
  • A very enjoyable, great course.
  • Michael was a fantastic instructor who promoted engaging discussions in an open environment. I now feel much more confident in supporting those with a mental health issue, and I believe that this course is a great way to help end the stigma surrounding mental health, raise awareness and encourage us to support others. Thank you, Michael!
  • The instructor was a perfect candidate to deliver this course. It was extremely engaging and the tasks created lots of discussion. Simply brilliant!
  • The instructor was very well informed in the subject of mental health and welcomed detailed discussions throughout the course.