If you work with boys and young men then it’s a fair bet that…

  • You want to proactively support their safe, healthy and empathetic development
  • You want to optimise your organisation’s work around #Safeguarding #Equality #MentalHealth
  • You see that #sexism #misogyny and #maleviolence are powerful social influences negatively affecting the lives of girls and women, primarily, but also, in different ways, those of boys and men
  • You want better for everyone, whether they are in your care, school, college, university, sport club, youth service, workplace or community
  • You feel that offering boys and young men an innovative space and structure in which to reflect on social and cultural messages about ‘being a man’ is a concrete step forward – you just need support in getting started
  • You want to develop your / your colleagues’ skills and abilities in facilitating vital, constructive dialogues with boys and young men and could do with a helping hand
  • You know your organisation needs to ‘do something‘ and you know that the time is now