Men At Work facilitates and / or participates in a wide range of meetings, events and conferences aimed at widening the urgent dialogue around creating a safer world for women and girls and a more human and authentic world for men and boys.

Upcoming events:

Empowering Educators to Help Young People Think Critically About Porn – a webinar

About this Event

November 2020, date TBC

Men At Work 4 Women’s Rights: via Zoom – participants from USA, England, Scotland & Ireland. 7pm, Weds 17th June 2020

Kigali, Rwanda, June 2020 – Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference, Women’s Forum on Engaging Men in Ending Male Violence

Recent events:

London, February 29th, 2020: ‘Can Humans Survive Without Empathy?’

London, February 2020 – A Woman’s Place UK National Conference ‘Women’s Liberation 2020’ – Michael will be delivering sessions on ‘Men Supporting Women’s Rights’

Since its inception, Men At Work has facilitated the following events, in addition to regular work with boys and young men and the professionals who work with them:

Men Supporting Women’s Rights Glasgow – Glasgow, November 2019

Men Supporting Women’s Rights London – London, October 2019

Listening To Women, Working With Men & Boys – London, May 2019

The ‘Man Box’: Why Men Need to Name & Dismantle it – London, February 2019

The ‘Man Box’: The Dysfunctional Home of Gender Identity and Why Men Need to Demolish it – Manchester, November 2018

The Dysfunctional Home of Gender Identity and Why Men Need to Demolish it – London, October 2018

The Man Box and Why We Men Need to Escape It – London, June 2018

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