Trainees, commissioners and event audiences to date include professionals in Schools, Colleges, Unis, Youth Justice Service, Early Help, CSE / CSA teams, Fire & Rescue Service, Local Authorities, Trade Unions, Women’s Aid, Edge of Care teams, Community Nurses and Sexual Abuse Support Centres

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Feedback from the Education Sector

“I think that was probably the best training I’ve ever been to. Michael has made me go back and think about situations I’ve dealt with over the years and maybe how I’ll approach things differently next time.” – Head of Year 10, South Wales

“Amazing training! The staff are absolutely buzzing!” – Assistant Head, Primary PRU

“The training was relevant to my role. It was delivered perfectly and I look forward to embedding it here.” Pastoral Support Worker, KS3. West Midlands

“I feel it has given me knowledge and my skills have improved by taking the course. I really enjoyed it. One of the best training sessions I’ve done, knowing how I can bring into the sessions at school.” Pastoral Support Lead, KS3 and KS4, Worcestershire

“Your presentation made our Master’s students consider what work needs to be done to support young men in their relationships, attitudes and behaviour and how there may be a lack of male role models in their lives giving them wisdom, advice and ‘another narrative’ of what their lives and relationships might look like. Our students said that they loved your straightforward presentation, with really deep messages. There were several aspects that gave them particular pause for thought:

  • Loneliness and permissions in terms of masculinity
  • How much boys and men need space to be listened to and to hear from other men
  • The power of delivery from a male presenter to a male audience

Thank you very much indeed.” – Senior Lecturer in Violence Prevention, MA Course in Understanding Domestic & Sexual Violence, University of Worcester

“Michael is my go-to person for supporting young men. He gives our young men time and space to think really deeply about what influences them, the role of the peer group and their own mental health in a supportive but also gently challenging environment. Michael’s workshops have transformed relationships within friendship groups but also my ability to work and relate to them as a female teacher, as many of the professionals doing this work are.” – Head of PSE, Bridgend

“Our staff really enjoyed the training and found it useful. Pitch and pace perfect and clearly you have a lot of  expertise and experience to share with them to keep them engaged throughout the training and the follow up links and resources. Our staff are keen to start up some boys groups, one in Year 11 and one in Year 8.” P.T. Deputy Head, Lancs.

“Thanks again for a fantastic training session. I found it engaging, practical and concrete. I now feel confident enough to run the sessions on the ten dialogues with a group of boys and to share what I have learnt. The #10Dialogues resource is super-clear and extremely useful.” V.A. Head of Year 10, Surrey

“Staff really enjoyed it, it has sparked some interesting follow-on discussions already. The simple approach to working with groups of boys was really useful – this is certainly the next step for us.  We really like the reflective approach.” Assistant Head / Pastoral Lead, Worcs.

NEU Conference ‘Challenging Sexism In Schools’ feedback

“This was great. The audience were really involved and we had a sense that we were driving the agenda. Insightful perspective on how men view themselves and how men view women.


“Real Strategies for giving boys/men opportunities to talk about why they behave in certain ways and how to challenge these

Powerful talking points around the language we use that promotes disrespect towards women

Tools/resources/ideas to promote discussion amongst boys/men about sexist behaviour.

The importance of fostering an environment where male students feel they don’t have to conform to gender expectations and can challenge sexist ideasworking alongside their peers to promote equality in schools.”

A realisation of just how much pressure young men can feel under to conform to stereotypes.”

Feedback from Social & Youth Work Sectors

“A truly brilliant resource! Shared it with all our facilitators, thank you for creating it!” Tammy Banks, Author ‘Transform your Training’ How to Develop & Deliver Training that Changes Lives in the Criminal Justice, Social Care & Charity Sectors.

“Michael spoke to an audience of 200 trainees from within the Centre for Children and Families about  early gender messages and issues around language, as well as telling the audience about his work with boys & young men. Michael is a very engaging speaker and his keynote speech was fascinating. The students evaluated the session very positively and have used the content of the presentation in their assignments. I would highly recommend Michael as a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker.” – Centre for Children and Families, University of Worcester

Feedback from the Domestic Abuse and related Sectors

“Thank you for today, your insight, knowledge base and enthusiasm were genuinely inspiring. That was evidenced in what staff shared with you regarding their personal and professional experiences.  I ended the day full of ideas to take forward with our current service user groups and possibilities to explore for future provision and expansion of our Children and Young People team. I’ll be in touch again to schedule another session for new staff.” CW, Operations Manager. Manchester Women’s Aid

“Thank you for the training today. It was really insightful and I really value the importance of having these conversations, especially with young males. And there is a real value in males like yourself standing up, showing passion and working to make a difference.

It really helps that the tools you have provided can give some structure and guidance to having these conversations. Having worked in refuge for ten years I have worked with many young boys/teens where I think this would have been really helpful and I will go on to utilise these wherever possible in future.

I think the topics you have covered are important and relevant – I really like how the whole programme is put together.CH, Senior Reach Worker, The Pankhurst Trust

“Few of us have the opportunity to learn about relationships in a structured way, yet we are all learning from a variety of experiences and sources. This Men At Work programme provides boys and young men a space where they can exercise their individual agency to reflect, learn and make crucial decisions about what it means to ‘be a man’. All boys and young men deserve to have a choice about the values and beliefs they want to carry with them through life. I am excited for boys and young men who take part in this Men at Work Programme.” Sarah Wigley, Domestic Abuse Consultant / Trainer

“You have put important things that need change in an accessible way and one that will likely be accepted. It is really clear and you have targeted the key issues and identified any problems that might arise – such as defensiveness. Well done!” Gemma Aitchison, Founder – Yes Matters UK

“This is a timely, engaging and practical toolkit for engaging boys and young men in positive conversations about the world around them. In over 20 years of experience of working with men and their violence, the consistent response I have heard is ‘why haven’t I been encouraged the talk about this before?’. Well here is that opportunity – with a range of accessible materials, training and support to enable boys and young men to engage in this dialogue and make a positive contribution to those around them.” Alan Garner, Facilitator of Perpetrator Intervention Programmes

“This programme gives boys and young men the opportunity and process to look beyond the ever stronger cultural norms around Male behaviour to which they are routinely and consistently bombarded. This means not only the individual can have more informed choices but their relationships and the communities where they live can experience benefits as well. Schools and organisations which make this material accessible will be beacons of hope for a more equal and respectful society.” Anne Haynes, Author of ‘Becoming Respectful’, Senior Probation Officer and consultant with 30 years‘ experience

Feedback from the Charity and Voluntary Sector

Michael’s session was incredibly insightful, with close links to our goals and mission to create a generation of empowered young people.  He really opened our eyes to a topic which we are living and experiencing first hand every day with the young people we facilitate. I would highly recommend anyone taking this session as it has inspired and sparked many  important  conversations for us as a team. Thanks for helping us understand the ’man-box’!”  Anti Bullying Pro’s / The Diana Award

“This is an excellent resource that should be rolled out to all schools. Preventive strategies are an important part of safeguarding. We hope that embedding this in schools will lead to a reduction in male violence against women and girls, fewer children getting to the stage where the criminal justice system is required to deal with them and an increase in men and boys feeling able to seek help for mental Heath conditions.” Safe Schools Alliance

More to come soon…