THANK YOU for visiting our site. You are probably here because…

YOU WANT TO SUPPORT BOYS AND YOUNG MEN in being critical thinkers, empathetic, authentic and safe – for themselves and their male peers and for women and girls

YOU KNOW THAT SOME IDEAS / INFLUENCES ‘OUT THERE’ ARE UNSAFE for boys and young men themselves – their physical, mental, emotional and legal wellbeing – and for those around them, with particular impacts on women and girls

YOU WANT TO HELP BOYS AND YOUNG MEN SAFELY NAVIGATE a life of challenges, relationships, risks and opportunities in ways that are fulfilling, healthy, meaningful and rewarding

YOU WANT TO FACILITATE GREAT DIALOGUES ON BIG ISSUES such as self-image, healthy relationships, gender stereotyping, online influencers, risky behaviours, the impacts of porn, gaming, peer pressures, friendship and more

YOU’D LIKE TO HELP REWRITE THE NEGATIVE ‘SCRIPTS’ SOCIETY OFFERS BOYS / YOUNG MEN so that in addition to staying safe for themselves they have the best chance of achieving their potential as assets to their peer-groups, their places of education, their communities and, in time, their own partners and families

YOU AGREE THAT BY BEING PROACTIVE, INTENTIONAL AND INNOVATIVE IN OUR WORK we can, together, promote healthy, safe relationships, families and communities for all, where sex-based disrespect, limitations and violence are never excused or tolerated and women, children and men are safe to thrive

Please get in touch for more infobut be sure to click on the FAQ bubble before contacting us as some key questions are answered there! Thank you