We want to help end #sexism, #maleviolence and the harms that flow from rigid gender rules/roles. We want to help promote personal safety, good #mentalhealth, respectful relationships for all.

To help build a just, respectful and safe world, one in which our sex neither limits our freedoms, opportunities or sense of self-worth nor grants us unearned advantages or entitlements.

Slogans, promises and token gestures are no solution. To effect real cultural change we need to work imaginatively, with a sense of purpose and conviction, getting to the ROOTS of sexist views and behaviours. This means looking ‘upstream’ at the values and beliefs that boys and young men are exposed to by society and enabling them to find healthy, safe, respectful – and ultimately more freeing – pathways into adulthood.

  1. Men At Work C.I.C. works with you to enhance your skills in supporting boys and young men to navigate their unique ways towards safe, healthy and fulfilling adult lives. We offer:
  2. *Bespoke training in how to confidently facilitate the #10Dialogues for Boys & Young Men (and Those Working With Them) resource aimed at tackling sexism and promoting safe and respectful choices.
  3. *Post-training peer-support and networking opportunities (free)
  4. *Ongoing mentoring opportunities online (free)
  5. *Access to an ever-expanding bank of additional resources (free)
  6. *Discounted access to events
  • Our work is informed by:
  • *Many years of school-based and youth-setting-based work
  • *Training and supervision by experts in Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control
  • *Extensive Child Safeguarding Training
  • *Extensive Youth Mental Health Training
  • *Specialist Suicide Prevention Training
  • *Proactive engagement in a wide range of events, campaigns and networks (national and global) which deepen our sector knowledge and hone our efficacy.

“Michael’s session was incredibly insightful, with close links to our goals and mission to create a generation of empowered young people.” The Anti-Bullying Pro’

Partners, trainees and audiences to date have included professionals in Schools, Colleges, Unis, Youth Justice Service, Early Help, CSE / CSA teams, Fire & Rescue Service, Local Authorities & Trade Unions. See Feedback