Our children and young people (male and female alike) are born into a society shaped by long traditions of male dominance. Despite some progress in recent decades (in the UK) the imbalances persist and come at tangible costs to women and girls – and to boys and men in different, but related ways. This is not inevitable. We can imagine – and work to realise – a society that is much safer, fairer and more human but first we must acknowledge some stark realities, in order to address them:

Whatever your role – teacher, social worker, counsellor, youth worker, law, family support etc – the issues below will be all too familiar, to varying degrees:

  • Sexual Harassment of (mostly) girls and young women in schools, public spaces and online by (mostly) boys and young men
  • Coercive Control (mostly male to female) starting to manifest itself in early adolescent relationships
  • Porn is ubiquitous and consumed by ever-younger children with inadequate societal intervention, protection and challenge
  • Domestic Abuse of all kinds is a daily reality for huge numbers of women, some men and – of course – many children, for whom it may seem like a ‘norm’
  • Image-based abuse of (mostly) girls and young women by (mostly) boys and young men – and, of course, adult men
  • Boys and young men being at risk themselves from aggressive behaviours of other males
  • Boys and young men being at risk of grooming and radicalisation into criminal or extremist behaviours and beliefs (e.g. #gangs #incels #religiousfundamentalism #countylines)
  • Boys and young men having elevated vulnerabilities to some mental and physical illnesses and conditions – often linked to a fear of seeking help, the constraints of gender stereotypes or lack of expressive vocabulary
  • Boys and young men having elevated incidences of risk-taking behaviours, often part of seeking the approval of others or being unable / unwilling to resist negative peer-pressures

The list, sadly, could go on.

We look at all of this, in the media, in our schools, our charities, our organisations, our public services and our own families and social networks and think ‘what can we do about it?’

  • You want to proactively support the safe, healthy and empathetic development of boys and young men
  • You want to optimise your organisation’s work around #Safeguarding #Equality #MentalHealth
  • You see that #sexism #misogyny and #maleviolence are powerful social influences negatively affecting the lives of girls and women, primarily, but also, in different ways, those of boys and men
  • You want better for everyone, whether they are in your care, school, college, university, sport club, youth service, workplace or community
  • You feel that offering boys and young men an innovative space and structure in which to reflect on social and cultural messages about ‘being a man’ is a concrete step forward
  • You want to develop your / your colleagues’ skills and abilities in facilitating vital, constructive dialogues with boys and young men
  • You know your organisation needs to ‘do something‘ and you know that the time is now

We want the same as you and we can work with you to build your confidence in realising your aims. Our unique training gives you the tools and confidence to facilitate the #10Dialogues for Boys & Young Men (and Those Working With Them) resource aimed at both developing the resilience of boys and young men in the face of negative values and behaviours and promoting safe and respectful choices

We also give you:

  • Post-training peer-support and networking opportunities (free)
  • ongoing mentoring opportunities online (free)
  • Access to an ever-expanding bank of additional resources (free)
  • Discounted access to events

Our work is informed by:

  • Many years of school-based and youth-setting-based work
  • Training and supervision by experts in Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control
  • Extensive Child Safeguarding Training
  • Extensive Youth Mental Health Training
  • Specialist Suicide Prevention Training
  • Proactive engagement in a wide range of events, campaigns and networks (national and global) which deepen our sector knowledge and hone our efficacy.

Trainees, partners and audiences to date have included professionals in Schools, Colleges, Unis, Youth Justice Service, Early Help, CSE / CSA teams, Fire & Rescue Service, Local Authorities, Trade Unions, Women’s Aid, Edge of Care teams…

Sample feedback:

“Thanks again for a fantastic training session. I found it engaging, practical and concrete. I now feel confident enough to run the sessions on the ten dialogues with a group of boys and to share what I have learnt. The #10dialogues resource is super-clear and extremely useful.” VA, Head of Yr10, Bexley

“Thank you for today, your insight, knowledge base and enthusiasm were genuinely inspiring. I ended the day full of ideas to take forward with our current service user groups and possibilities to explore for future provision and expansion of our Children and Young People team. I’ll be in touch again to schedule another session for new staff.” CW, Operations Manager, Manchester Women’s Aid

The session was incredibly insightful, with close links to our goals and mission to create a generation of empowered young people.” The Anti-Bullying Pro / Diana Award

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