Men At Work C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company set up to deliver transformative training in the areas of challenging sexism, supporting healthy personal development and fostering violence-free relationships and communities.

Michael Conroy

Founder of Men At Work, Trainer, Maker of #10Dialogues for Boys & Young Men (and Those Working with Them)

Michael Conroy spent 16 years in Secondary Education in England, delivering a wide range of citizenship and well-being programmes for students in Years 7-13 before committing full-time to Men At Work. During that time, he developed school and community-based programmes and initiatives recognised by awards including a Sinnott Fellowship and a Suzy Lamplugh Young Person’s Safety Award. Since 2019, Michael has increasingly focused on developing meaningful and relevant training and resources for professionals with an interest in unpicking social influences on the values and beliefs of boys and young men – and how some of those influences can manifest in a range of problematic behaviours.

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