Men at Work

Men at Work CIC has developed a modular resource – Men At Work: a programme of support and challenge for boys, young men and those working with them. It is a resource for those who work with boys and young men in schools, colleges, youth services, Youth Justice, fostering, sports, mentoring – almost anywhere.

Men at Work can be delivered – using the discretion of facilitators in your setting who have been trained* by Men at Work C.I.C. – with boys and young men aged 13+ (differentiation and discretion can be applied to make it bespoke for the age range / context). 

Being modular, Men at Work can be followed as a sequential multi-week (typically 6 weeks but up to 12 weeks) programme and / or used as single modules in an ad hoc way.  

Typical 6 week Men at Work course (age 13+):

Respect: Who do we respect? Why? Do we confuse respect and fear?

The ‘Man Rules’: The do’s and don’ts of masculinity. Pressures and privileges.

Respectful Relationships: What they look like, what they don’t look like.

Keeping Ourselves Safe: Risk-taking, substance abuse, fighting, asking for help.

Safe To Be Around: Consent, being an up-stander, proactive concern for others, empathy

Me in 2 / 5 / 10 Years’ time: Reflecting on the steps to those goals. What needs to be learned / done? What needs to be avoided? Strategies.

Longer programmes include – as age appropriate – the above plus:

  • ‘Gender’: Stereotyping processes, social/cultural rules and roles
  • The Man Rules in Action: Experiences and Impacts
  • Media – Mixed Messages: Adverts, songs, web, clothing slogans
  • Objectification: How it works and the harm it does
  • Sexual Harassment: Prevalence, forms, the dynamics and harms
  • Bystander Intervention: Why and how?
  • Breaking the Cycle: Why and how?

Each session is envisaged as being an hour long. 

*Training, which is a full day 09:00-16:00, can be done in your workplace. Contact us for details.

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