Men At Work: #10Dialogues for Boys, Young Men and Those Working with Them is – as the title suggests – a resource for those who work with boys and young men in schools, colleges, youth services, Youth Justice, fostering, sports, mentoring – wherever the work happens.

The #10Dialogues are best delivered by facilitators in your setting who have been trained* by Men at Work C.I.C., with boys and young men typically aged 13yrs+ (NB : a Primary-appropriate version of the programme is currently in development)

The #10Dialogues can be deployed at your setting’s discretion as sequential, multi-week programmes for whole cohorts, sub-cohorts or for targeted interventions with particular groups (or both) and / or used as modules to support mentoring sessions, #RSE and #PSHE  

The 10 Dialogue Themes are:

Respect: Who do we respect? Why? Do we confuse respect and fear?

The ‘Man Rules’: The do’s and don’ts of socially-constructed masculinities. Pressures and privileges, limits and license, experiences and impacts

Keeping Ourselves Safe: Thinking about risk-taking, peer-pressures, face-to-face and online

People, Not Objects: An exploration of Objectification – how it works and the harm it does

Control: Thinking clearly about areas in life in which exercising control can be legitimate vs those (i.e. controlling other people) which are not.

Being Safe To Be Around: What we can do to reduce risk of harm to others – including awareness of our own beliefs, values and behaviours

Taking ‘No’ For An Answer: Hearing, understanding and respecting ‘no’

Respect & Disrespect In Relationships: What it looks like, in reality.

Help!: Asking for help is a good thing! Knowing when, how and where to ask

Future Me: Imagining ourselves in 2 / 5 / 10 Years’ time, reflecting on the steps to those goals. What needs to be learned / avoided / done?

*Training on how to get the most out of this resource – and the ‘MORE Dialogues’ resource and facilitation – can be done in person (COVID permitting) or online, via Zoom / Teams.. .