Train with us to change the culture for the better, one constructive dialogue at a time! We train professionals / volunteers working with boys and young men to facilitate constructive dialogues with them, about safety, empathy and respect.

Our highly-rated one-day ‘essentials’ training day covers 3 main strands: 

  • Name The Problems: Identifying out the range of issues arising from negative social conditioning of boys and young men which manifest themselves in your work with them
  • Why are These Things Happening? Looking at the societal processes and influences by which this social conditioning is achieved, allowing us to move way from ‘boys will be boys’ fatalism
  • What Can We Do? Looking at the opportunities we have as professionals to offer counter-narratives, alternatives and support for boys and young men in making respectful, empathetic choices. The group spends time walking through sample activities to familiarise themselves with the practical approaches to successful delivery of the 10 Dialogues

Choose from either bespoke, in-house training exclusively for your organisation – at your premises or online – OR ‘open’ training groups comprising professionals in associated fields i.e. Education, Social Work, Family Support, Early Help, Mental Health, Youth Justice and beyond. These ‘open’ group training days are online-only.

Trainees receive:

  • A copy of #10Dialogues for Boys and Young Men (and Those Working With Them)
  • Post-training support and networking opportunities (free). We are always happy to respond to queries and observations from those who facilitate the programme.
  • Access to an ever-expanding bank of free resources and extension activities to deepen the work done in #10Dialogues. This is via a half-termly email newsletter to trainees, containing tips, relevant news items, video clips, articles and research.
  • Regional and national networking support – MAW will share info about webinars, conferences and events of interest and arrange occasional webinars on themes relating to the #10Dialogues
  • Discounted access to further training and events

Online Training

Online training default delivery is 1 x full day (09.15am to 3.15pm with a one hour lunch break, a 15 minute break at 10.30am and a 10 minute break at 2pm to suit). An alternative option of 2 x half-day (3 hrs) sessions (AM or PM) with a 15 minute break is available on request.

Group size: minimum 6 and maximum 12 participants. Groups can be bespoke (i.e. a group training session for single-organisation staff) or a mixed group with staff from multiple organisations (min 6 and max 12 in any case).

Cost: £130 pp basic rate. Group discounts – where an organisation books multiple places – work as follows:

  • 1-3 trainees from same organisation are @ £130pp
  • 4-7 trainees from same organisation are @ £120pp
  • 8-12 trainees from same organisation are @ £110pp

Next available dates for 2022:

The next online training day is May 25th. Click here for more information and to book your place/s

The next online training day is May 25th. Click here for more information and to book your place/s.

In-Person Training (COVID situation, permitting)

In-person training default delivery is for single (or connected organisations), *hosted by them*, in a space equipped with screen, projector, WIFI and adequate space and ventilation. It is 1 x full day (09.15am – 3.15pm with a 45-60 mins lunch break, and comfort breaks to suit the group).

  • Group Size: Min: 6 Max: 15
  • Cost: £140pp for 6 trainees (the minimum), £120pp for 7-9 trainees, £110pp for 10-12 trainees and £100pp for 13-15 trainees
  • Next Dates: By request